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Expansion of TA-Q-BIN Network Throughout Asia 
Asia TA-Q-BIN Network Solutions

Providing Strong Support for the International Growth of Japanese Companies

The Yamato Group launched parcel delivery services called "TA-Q-BIN" in Shanghai and Singapore in January of 2010. These services were also launched in Hong Kong in February of 2011 and will be offered in Malaysia starting in September of 2011. The same high quality services and professional attitude offered in Japan by Yamato Transport trained sales drivers received high marks from local customers in these markets. Thanks to the establishment of a reliable distribution network, one by one Japanese companies have begun using the Yamato Group's services with the goal of developing new markets. In the future, the Yamato Group will broaden its Asian network to encompass the countries of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) and will provide strong support for the expansion of Japanese businesses operating in Asia. 
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Future Expansion into the Chinese Coastal Region and ASEAN 
Full Support from Web-site Development through to Payment Settlement

The Yamato Group has also begun providing a full package of support services for the international expansion of small and medium-sized enterprises (SME). Compared to large companies, SME face many hurdles when launching an on-line shopping site in the local language and establishing local operating subsidiaries in order to facilitate expansion into East Asia. Of course, many are also incapable of making a substantial initial investment, so by using Yamato Group's system and network, these SME can expand their on-line shopping operations into East Asia with a limited investment. Sasaki explains, "Please feel free to consult with the Yamato Group. We can provide support for everything from 'system development for an on-line shopping site in the local language' to 'inventory management' and 'payment settlements' and so on."

A year has passed since operations in Shanghai and Singapore were launched. Since then, the number of transactions has steadily increased. "We think there are no limits to the utility of TA-Q-BIN. We can augment the services of all Japanese companies through the convenient use of TA-Q-BIN as part of their business infrastructure and provide proposals on how to use it," Sasaki says. The Yamato Group is committed to further expanding its Asia network as a key corporate strategy to support the sustainable development of its customers. The Yamato Group is also working to build up local networks not involving Japan, such as Shanghai to Singapore, Shanghai to Hong Kong, and Hong Kong to Singapore.

The Yamato Group also has its eye on expanding its service area and coverage. In the future, the Yamato Group plans to build up a network that can provide services at the same level as those in Japan in 13 countries and regions, including the coastal and inland areas of China around Beijing and Guangzhou, and in ASEAN such as Malaysia, Thailand, and Indonesia. When achieved, this plan will facilitate new expansion such as the transport of parts throughout Yamato Group's Asia network and door-to-door deliveries using a regional headquarters located in Singapore.

Sasaki emphasizes that "The world's most robust economic growth is underway in East Asia, a region where demand for high value added logistics services is growing. The Yamato Group will also continue to expand its service network and support Japanese companies concurrent with the economic growth of East Asia."

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Expansion of TA-Q-BIN Network Throughout Asia

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TA-Q-BIN has attained High Degrees of Customer Satisfaction Overseas as well
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New Business Developed Through Yamato Group's East Asia Network
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Future Expansion into the Chinese Coastal Region and ASEAN

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