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Expansion of TA-Q-BIN Network Throughout Asia 
Asia TA-Q-BIN Network Solutions

Providing Strong Support for the International Growth of Japanese Companies

The Yamato Group launched parcel delivery services called "TA-Q-BIN" in Shanghai and Singapore in January of 2010. These services were also launched in Hong Kong in February of 2011 and will be offered in Malaysia starting in September of 2011. The same high quality services and professional attitude offered in Japan by Yamato Transport trained sales drivers received high marks from local customers in these markets. Thanks to the establishment of a reliable distribution network, one by one Japanese companies have begun using the Yamato Group's services with the goal of developing new markets. In the future, the Yamato Group will broaden its Asian network to encompass the countries of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) and will provide strong support for the expansion of Japanese businesses operating in Asia. 
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New Business Developed Through Yamato Group's East Asia Network  
Selling Vegetables from Japan with COOL TA-Q-BIN


Japanese companies, such as on-line shopping businesses aspiring to sell products locally in particular, have taken an interest in Shanghai and Singapore TA-Q-BIN services.

The population growth and economic expansion of these regions are very appealing compared with the already saturated Japanese market. However, until now there were reasons to be hesitant about expanding there.

Sasaki explains the situation: "Japanese companies are keenly aware that customer satisfaction depends on the service level and attitude of the sales drivers who interact with the end customer purchasing the product."

Yamato Group's presence in this region, where there heretofore had not been a reliable distribution network, has caused many Japanese on-line shopping businesses to consider expanding there.

Sasaki notes that, "Most of our customers in the on-line shopping industry in Japan have taken an interest in our company's expansion of operations in East Asia." He states that the number of companies in Japan that have begun to seriously review the potential of expanding their business internationally is increasing since they can now use the Yamato Group's services in Shanghai and Singapore.

The advantage for Japanese customers of the Yamato Group is not only the ability to use TA-Q-BIN for local deliveries. The greatest advantage is that the Yamato Group can manage door-to-door deliveries from Japan to international customers as a single window, as products shipped in bulk from Japan can be stored in and shipped from Yamato Group warehouses locally to customers using TA-Q-BIN.

For example, Tamanoi Vinegar, a food manufacturer headquartered in Sakai City, Osaka Prefecture, is currently building its health drink business in Shanghai. The company stores products imported from Japan in Yamato Group warehouses and then distributes these products via TA-Q-BIN in response to orders placed by telephone and fax.


The ability to use "COOL TA-Q-BIN" represents a substantial advantage for a food manufacturer. COOL TA-Q-BIN has become a crucial delivery method for fresh food products, which are highly time sensitive. Japanese companies have also started businesses selling fresh, high quality vegetables to Japanese expatriates living in Singapore. In addition, more and more Japanese companies are trying to expand marketing channels in Asia using the Yamato Group's Asia TA-Q-BIN Network. These include manufacturers selling natural ingredient cosmetics that market safety as their selling point as well as apparel manufacturers who would like to sell products that are still up-to-date with the latest fashion trends.

Companies not only use TA-Q-BIN for exporting products from Japan; there are also those who use it to deliver parts manufactured in local factories to local customers. One Japanese electrical machinery manufacturer expanding in Shanghai uses COOL TA-Q-BIN to deliver IC substrates manufactured by a local subsidiary to local customers.

Because it is necessary to correctly manage the temperature of IC substrates when they are shipped, the company until now had struggled to arrange temperature controlled delivery vehicles. Even though IC substrates are a relatively small cargo, the inability to use anything other than large vehicles resulted in higher costs than necessary. By making the change to COOL TA-Q-BIN, however, the company was able to dramatically reduce its transportation costs.

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Expansion of TA-Q-BIN Network Throughout Asia

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TA-Q-BIN has attained High Degrees of Customer Satisfaction Overseas as well
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New Business Developed Through Yamato Group's East Asia Network
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Future Expansion into the Chinese Coastal Region and ASEAN

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