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Expansion of TA-Q-BIN Network Throughout Asia 
Asia TA-Q-BIN Network Solutions

Providing Strong Support for the International Growth of Japanese Companies

The Yamato Group launched parcel delivery services called "TA-Q-BIN" in Shanghai and Singapore in January of 2010. These services were also launched in Hong Kong in February of 2011 and will be offered in Malaysia starting in September of 2011. The same high quality services and professional attitude offered in Japan by Yamato Transport trained sales drivers received high marks from local customers in these markets. Thanks to the establishment of a reliable distribution network, one by one Japanese companies have begun using the Yamato Group's services with the goal of developing new markets. In the future, the Yamato Group will broaden its Asian network to encompass the countries of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) and will provide strong support for the expansion of Japanese businesses operating in Asia. 
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TA-Q-BIN has attained High Degrees of Customer Satisfaction Overseas as well  
Reducing Total Delivery Cost

Tsutomu Sasaki
General Manager
Business Development /
Global Customer Solutions

Global Sales Division General Manager Tsutomu Sasaki confidently asserts that "Starting with Shanghai and Singapore, the Yamato Group will continue to provide TA-Q-BIN services at the same service level as those in Japan in East Asia as well." Sasaki also notes that the Yamato Group will provide support to various businesses developed by Japanese companies in East Asia such as on-line shopping businesses through a reliable distribution system network.

TA-Q-BIN services were launched in Singapore and Shanghai in January of 2010. Much as they do in Japan, vehicles driven by uniformed sales drivers (SD) make their rounds in Shanghai and Singapore. TA-Q-BIN services were also launched in February of 2011 in Hong Kong and will be offered in Malaysia starting in September of 2011.

Yamato Group also provides "TA-Q-BIN COLLECT", "COOL TA-Q-BIN", and "Time Zone Delivery" like in Japan - services that most local transport companies have not introduced.

Sasaki states that "These services have of course also been highly acknowledged in Shanghai and Singapore for the professional attitudes of their SD. When Japanese companies that had been selling products via on-line shopping sites to local consumers using transport companies in Shanghai conducted trial utilization of TA-Q-BIN, we took a survey concerning delivery services. The survey results indicated that 94% of consumers responded that our delivery speed was fast, and 98% of consumers responded that our service and treatment of customers was good." Many citizens of Shanghai were surprised by the courteous "Thank you!" said by SD delivering a parcel, which seems to have given a favorable impression.

But the effects have not been limited to only this. By making the switch to TA-Q-BIN, delivery inquiries from consumers have been dramatically reduced for many companies. The reduction of the bothersome inquiry contacts made to delivery companies has resulted in dramatic improvement in operating efficiencies. Sasaki states that "Delivery related Inquiries have been substantially reduced, and an effect of substantial cost reduction will be expected."

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Expansion of TA-Q-BIN Network Throughout Asia

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TA-Q-BIN has attained High Degrees of Customer Satisfaction Overseas as well
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New Business Developed Through Yamato Group's East Asia Network
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