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Enabling Online Supermarkets to Set Up Operations Cheaply, Quickly and Widely Regardless of Operational Scale

One Stop Support of Everything from Developing Order Booking Systems through to Product Delivery

Various supermarkets in Japan have begun to set up online supermarkets as a way to boost operating performance. However, though this expansion may be easy for major supermarkets with easy access to capital, it is difficult for mid-sized supermarkets due to the heavy burden imposed by the cost of developing an order booking system and operating delivery vehicles. The Yamato Group has launched its "Online Supermarket Support Services" that provide integrated operational support to client companies from system development through to product delivery. These solutions can be used not only by supermarkets but also home improvement stores, drugstores and shopping streets. 
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Using Call Centers and Neco Pit to Help the "Shopping Disadvantaged" 
Providing Convenience to Senior Citizens Unable to Go to Supermarkets

Commencing trials with the installation of "Neco Pit" not only in TA-Q-BIN centers but also external locations such as assembly halls

Although one of the effective ways of helping the "shopping disadvantaged", at the current stage online supermarkets face some major problems. Senior citizens are the most typical example of the "shopping disadvantaged". There are many cases in which they cannot utilize online supermarkets due to such reasons as the lack of a personal computer or their inability to use the Internet.
The Yamato Group has developed two solutions to address these problems. One involves setting up a call center within the Group to receive telephone or fax orders. "Separate fees are required for these optional services, but compared with a supermarket operating their own call center, this is markedly more economical," says Matsuzaki.

The other one involves the utilization of the "Neco Pit", the TA-Q-BIN shipping invoice issuance terminal located in the approximately 4000 Yamato Transport TA-Q-BIN centers nationwide. By adding the receipt of online supermarket orders within the delivery district on the service menu, it becomes possible to easily purchase products by using a touchscreen device. Through this, it becomes possible to utilize online supermarkets without using a personal computer provided one visits Yamato Transport's TA-Q-BIN center. By launching an online supermarket using the Yamato Group's "Online Supermarket Support Services", consumers in the area also become able to order from the "Neco Pit" at a TA-Q-BIN center. This is also appealing to supermarkets. What is more, the Yamato Group has also started to set up "Neco Pit" outside company for use by senior citizens and others who are unable to come to TA-Q-BIN centers.
The Yamato Group is installing "Neco Pit" in assembly halls and places where many senior citizens congregate such as housing complexes, rest homes, nurseries, and investigating their state of utilization. Once these terminals become more widespread, senior citizens will be able to more easily utilize online supermarkets.

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<Online Supermarket Solutions> 
Enabling Online Supermarkets to Set Up Operations Cheaply, Quickly and Widely Regardless of Operational Scale

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Open an Internet Supermarket with an Initial Investment of ¥1,250,000 and Monthly Fee of ¥150,000
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Cultivating Customer Segments Previously Inaccessible to Brick and Mortar Supermarkets
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Expanding Business Territory to Cover an Entire Prefecture with a Single Online Supermarket Outlet
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Also Supporting Home Improvement Stores, Drugstores, and Shopping Districts
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Using Call Centers and Neco Pit to Help the

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