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Dramatically Reducing Lead Times and Logistics Costs for Export and Import Businesses 
Global Direct Solutions

Reducing Costs using Non-Asset, Non-Inventory Operations

While the number of companies that manufacture products in emerging countries like China is increasing, the number of companies that sell products in these emerging countries that have become more appealing as consumer markets is also on the rise. As a result, the global flow of products is growing and intensifying on almost a daily basis. Therefore, when providing faster delivery of products, the control of total logistics costs is also required. To this end, the Yamato Group began offering its "Yamato Global Direct" solutions in February of 2009. These solutions help reduce the total lead time from Japan to overseas markets and cut costs. For example, for imports to Japan, the Yamato Group offers a "3 days service" from origin to final destination in Japan by sorting products and affixing TA-Q-BIN connote label while the product is still outside of Japan, enabling delivery to the final destination in Japan directly. These solutions greatly reduce costs by bypassing distribution centers located in Japan. 
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3 Days Service from On-Site Factories in Shanghai to Destinations within Japan 
Fulfillment of 30% Cost Reduction by Eliminating Distribution Warehouses in Japan.


"Using Yamato Global Direct, we can provide our 3 days service from on-site factories in Shanghai to destinations within Japan. We can also help to greatly reduce logistics costs," proudly asserts General Manager Masahiro Segawa with Global Customer Solutions "Yamato Global Direct" Promotion Business Development Sales of Yamato Transport Co., Ltd. Goods imported into Japan from overseas are ordinarily transported to and stored in distribution warehouses before being delivered to their final destination. The advantage offered by "Yamato Global Direct" is the ability to directly deliver products right after they pass customs from TA-Q-BIN centers to destinations without using warehouses or distribution centers in Japan. TA-Q-BIN connote labels are affixed at the plants of origin or at Yamato Transport's distribution center. Segawa says, "This dramatically lowers costs because domestic distribution centers are no longer necessary. Until now, a uniform manufacturer in China leased temporary warehouses whenever demand increased seasonally, but after the Yamato Global Direct Solution was implemented, temporary warehouses are no longer required and, as such, the company's total logistics costs have been reduced by 30%."

The Yamato Group also uses bonded zones called "Bonded Logistics Zones (BLZ)" for Japanese businesses importing from China. Multiple products from multiple Chinese vendors are collected together at BLZ and are after undergoing logistics-related processing such as kitting and assortment packing shipped to Japanese stores. Through this solution, all products are directly delivered to each store without sorting and kitting upon arrival in Japan.

*For a case study on the utilization of BLZ, please see the page on ASICS entitled "Standardized Brand Globally Using Retail Store Fixtures & Furnishings" in the "At the Forefront of Logistics" section.

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<Global Direct Solutions> 
Dramatically Reducing Lead Times and Logistics Costs for Export and Import Businesses

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3 Days Service from On-Site Factories in Shanghai to Destinations within Japan
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Anticipating Advantages from the Import of Various Commodities
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Application for Products for which Freshness is Important led to Extended Product Shelf Life and Sales Expansion
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Expansion of TA-Q-BIN Services throughout East Asia draws Attention from Overseas On-line Shopping Businesses
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Increasing Capacity via Haneda Logistics Terminal, and Handling Fresh Foods as well

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