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Visualizing the Flow of Goods to Achieve Total Optimization 
"Mieruka" (Visualization) Solutions

Reducing Inventories and Promoting Just-in-Time (JIT) Production and Delivery

Accurately grasping the flow of goods in all processes, from raw material procurement to manufacturing and shipment, helps reduce inventory and enables just-in-time (JIT) production and delivery, which in turn significantly reduces the total cost of logistics. The Yamato Group, centered on Yamato System Development, leverages IT to provide a wide range of integrated "Mieruka" Solutions that visualize and manage the flow of goods across individual factories and distribution centers. 
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The Yamato Group's Data Center Ensures Information Security 
Comprehensive Security System Supporting User Convenience

Another feature of the Yamato Group's "Mieruka" Solutions is that any user can easily uncover logistics related issues. "Even if the necessary data is collected, companies will still have a hard time trying to locate a problem simply by viewing the numbers summarized in a chart. The "Mieruka" Warehouse Management System @ web and "Mieruka" Distribution Process Optimization @ web solutions work together with analysis tools that display data in graphs to help the user easily identify problems," says Ikeda.
For example, the analysis tool can display the top ten products in terms of inventory and inventory turnover rate in a line graph as well as display the ratio of total inventory for each product group in a pie chart format. Since it can check inventory data for each business location together at once, a company can re-examine and adjust merchandise composition and inventory as needed and seek to rationalize the distribution inventory of the entire supply chain.
However, some may feel uneasy that the system is exposed to information security threats or system overflows since it is provided using a cloud-based IT system solution over the Internet. Data is critical information that represents the bedrock of corporate management, and since this also includes customer and other highly confidential information, even the most minor incident can lead to a loss of a company's credibility and trust.

Analysis tools featuring "Mieruka" Distribution Process Optimization @ web and "Mieruka" Warehouse Management System @ web

As a handler of this information, Yamato System Development has taken all precautionary measures in terms of information security and natural disaster preparedness for the Internet Data Center (IDC), which forms the heart of the system. Data is stored in an IDC that features a seismic isolated design and its own emergency backup generator to avoid system outages during an earthquake or other natural disaster. To prevent the leakage of confidential information, an advanced system has been set up to monitor all access to the IDC, while a third party has been contracted to regularly check for vulnerabilities in system applications. "The Yamato Group's IDCs have been accredited by a third party to be in compliance with ISO27001, an internationally accepted standard for information security systems. Moreover, the Yamato Group has an IDC that is in compliance with ISO20000, an international standard relating to IT service management, and an IDC that fulfills system requirements of PCI DSS, an international security standard used in the payment card industry known for its strict oversight and management practices," emphasizes Kanamaru.

The Yamato Group's Internet Data Center takes all the necessary precautions for information security and natural disaster

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<"Mieruka" (Visualization) Solutions> 
Visualizing the Flow of Goods to Achieve Total Optimization

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Total Optimization Impossible without Integration of Information Across all Business Locations
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Cloud Computing Technology Cutting the Costs of Installing Logistics IT Systems
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Implementing a Yamato Group Solution to Ensure First In, First Out Inventory Management
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The Internet Wholesale Business Utilizing the Yamato Group's "Mieruka" Solutions
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The Yamato Group's Data Center Ensures Information Security

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