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Enhancing Mail Order Provider Profitability through Improved Consumer Convenience  
Mail Order Solutions

Same-Day Delivery and Electronic Payments

Mail order is one of the few business segments in Japan that have performed strongly despite sluggish growth in consumer spending. The Yamato Group provides a wide range of services to mail order providers aspiring to boost earnings on the back of the growing popularity of Internet shopping. The basic strategy of these services is to further enhance the convenience for the buyer, under the ultimate goal to grow the bottom line of mail order businesses by improving customer satisfaction. To address consumer demand to receive an order as quickly as possible, Yamato Transport began offering to mail order providers the Today Shopping Service (TSS), which can deliver a customer's order as quickly as the same day it was ordered. Yamato Transport also addressed consumer demand for a broad mix of payment options by having its sales drivers (SD) use a handy terminal that can process most types of electronic money (e-money) developed and used in Japan today. Both of these approaches demonstrate that the Yamato Group is committed to improving consumer convenience from a variety of angles. 
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One of the First to Process E-Money Payments  
Consumers Able to Use All Major E-Money Types Available in Japan Starting in April 2011

Hiroyuki Ito
B2C Payment Service Company

Offering a broad mix of payment methods represents one means to improving the convenience for buyers of mail order products. The Yamato Group payment agency service "TA-Q-BIN COLLECT" already offers a mix of payment options for the consumer as it accepts not only cash payments, but also credit card payments, as well as payments made at the convenience store or post office. In June 2010, the service began to accept settlements using retail and independent electronic prepaid cards such as nanaco, Edy and WAON before anyone else in the industry.

In addition, starting from April 2011, the service will begin to accept payments from 8 different transit-based electronic prepaid cards such as Suica, ICOCA and PASMO. "This will make it possible for all major types of e-money available in Japan today to be used as a payment method. This is the only service of its kind in Japan's home delivery market and offered exclusively by the Yamato Group." stresses Hiroyuki Ito, President, B2C Payment Service Company, Yamato Financial Co., Ltd.

The use of e-money in Japan initially started with transit payment systems set up to easier fare payment using prepaid cards. Over the last several years, however, retail and independent type electronic payment systems used for shopping have grown rapidly.

As a result, the use of transit-based e-money for shopping is also on the rise. As of October 2010, there were approximately 140 million e-money cards in use in Japan. This figure is nearly half of the 290 million credit cards that have been issued in Japan.

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<Mail Order Solutions> 
Enhancing Mail Order Provider Profitability through Improved Consumer Convenience

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Providing a Wide Range of Services to Mail Order Providers that Enhance Consumer Convenience
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TSS – Making Same-Day Delivery a Reality
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Auto-Pick Factory – Key Factor in Expedited Deliveries
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One of the First to Process E-Money Payments
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Use of E-Money on the Rise with the Advent of Loyalty Reward Point Programs

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