Yamato Group Solutions

Mail Order Solutions   Enhancing Mail Order Provider Profitability through Improved Consumer Convenience 
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Global Distribution Support Solution 
Seamlessly Supporting the International Distribution Needs of Component Manufacturers  
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"Mieruka" (Visualization) Solutions 
Visualizing the Flow of Goods to Achieve Total Optimization 
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Global Direct Solutions Drastically Reducing Lead Times and Logistics Costs for Export and Import Businesses (Learn More!)

The fundamental mission of the Yamato Group's mail order solutions is to focus on consumer convenience. Why? Because in the end consumer satisfaction directly contributes to the bottom line of our mail order business clients. This section introduces our latest services for mail order clients including expedited deliveries and new consumer payment methods. Mid-sized component manufacturers expanding overseas find the greatest challenge to be setting up a global distribution system with partner manufacturers and purchasers. The Yamato Group helps clients to shorten lead time and reduce costs by using its proprietary cloud-based IT system to assist such efforts. Accurately grasping the flow of goods in all processes helps reduce inventory and enables just-in-time (JIT) production and delivery, which in turn significantly reduces the total cost of logistics. This section introduces our "Mieruka" solutions that leverage IT systems to monitor the big picture when it comes to the flow of goods. Yamato Global Direct is a key solution that shortens the lead time required for logistics linking Japan with international markets. Products are sorted and shipped locally, meaning clients do not need specialized distribution centers in Japan, which also means reduced logistics costs.
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Online Supermarket Solutions Enabling Online Supermarkets to Set Up Operations Cheaply, Quickly and Widely (Learn More!)

Asia TA-Q-BIN Network Solutions Expanding its TA-Q-BIN Network Throughout Asia to Support the Growth of Japanese Companies (Learn More!)

Online supermarkets have been catapulted into the spotlight in Japan amid the rising number of the "shopping disadvantaged," or consumers who find it difficult to go to supermarkets, such as the elderly. The Yamato Group's Online Supermarket Support Service enables online supermarket providers to cheaply, quickly and widely develop operations, regardless of scale. Following its success in Shanghai and Singapore, the Yamato Group recently launched TA-Q-BIN delivery services locally in Hong Kong in February 2011 and plans to launch operations in Malaysia in September 2011. In the future we will expand our geographic coverage to include China's coastal regions as well as other ASEAN countries, and will provide support for the expansion of Japanese companies in the region.
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About the Yamato Group

The Yamato Group includes the following companies: Yamato Transport Co., Ltd., which has developed an express delivery network nationwide; Yamato System Development Co., Ltd., which develops and operates diverse IT solutions including data centers; Yamato Home Convenience Co., Ltd., which transports and sets up consumer electronics, household goods, and machinery that cannot be transported via express delivery; Yamato Logistics Co., Ltd., which specializes in domestic and overseas logistics outsourcing; Yamato Financial Co., Ltd., which provides settlement services; and others. These companies pool their talents, which encompass "information, logistics, and settlement", to provide optimal solutions from a comprehensive perspective to the problems of client companies.