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  • (1)Notice concerning the linking from this site to other homepages
    It is possible to visit sites other than those of Yamato Group from this site via links and banners. These linked websites are not managed by the various companies of Yamato Group including this company. Therefore, please understand that the various companies of Yamato Group including this company bear no responsibility for the content of these sites.
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    • This company allows linking from other sites to this site only. Please understand that it bears absolutely no responsibility for the content of such linking sites.
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    • * Websites that include content intended to slander or undermine the credibility of Yamato Holdings, other sites, other individuals, or other groups.
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    • * Websites that could cause misunderstandings by third parties. These include websites in which this site opens within a frame, or other methods that would make the identity of this site uncertain.

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