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Online Wholesaling for Small-Sized Retailers Facing Procurement Difficulties to Help the "Shopping Disadvantaged" 
Discover how KGC is helping small-sized retailers in isolated areas with online wholesaling, enabling access to more than 8,500 items through day-after-next deliveries!
Kokubu Grocers Chain Co., Ltd. (KGC)

Kokubu Grocers Chain Co., Ltd. (KGC) 
"We value the Long Tail and support small-sized retailers with our expertise in wholesaling." Kokubu & Co., Ltd., a major food wholesaler celebrating its 300th anniversary in 2012, has declared its commitment to meet the needs of its customers and small-sized retailers, regardless of their scale. It is accomplishing this commitment through "Tonya Kokubu Net Wholesaling", a members-only mail order website for small-sized retailers launched by its subsidiary Kokubu Grocers Chain Co., Ltd. (KGC) in November 2010. The site provides members with access to more than 8,500 items, or nearly the same amount as carried in a small retail establishment, with day-after-next delivery for orders placed before 11:00 am. The service has proved to be very user-friendly, as it has attracted some 5,000 registered members in its first year.
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Doing Business with Small-Sized Retailers
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Small-Sized Retailers Facing Procurement Difficulties are Always Close by the "Shopping Disadvantaged"
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Site Launched in Just Six Months
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Low-cost and Flexible Field-centric Operations
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Enhanced Information Provisions to Retailers

Mr. Toshitaka Yokoyama
Director and Sales Division General Manager
Kokubu Grocers Chain Co., Ltd.

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The Yamato Group includes the following companies: Yamato Transport Co., Ltd., which has developed an express delivery network nationwide; Yamato System Development Co., Ltd., which develops and operates diverse IT solutions including data centers; Yamato Home Convenience Co., Ltd., which transports and sets up consumer electronics, household goods, and machinery that cannot be transported via express delivery; Yamato Logistics Co., Ltd., which specializes in domestic and overseas logistics outsourcing; Yamato Financial Co., Ltd., which provides settlement services; and others. These companies pool their talents, which encompass "information, logistics, and settlement", to provide optimal solutions from a comprehensive perspective to the problems of client companies.