At the Forefront of Logistics [Client Case Studies]
Behind the scenes of logistics reform with client companies who have solved their problems

Standardized Brand Globally Using Retail Store Fixtures & Furnishings 
Ensuring both Cost Cutting and Quality by Shipping Fixtures & Furnishings procured in Bulk in China from the Shanghai Logistics Zone 
ASICS Corporation

ASICS Corporation  
Major sporting goods manufacturer ASICS has in recent years been bolstering its brand strategy. ASICS sources all of its fixtures and furnishings, including display shelves and mannequins, used in retail stores around the world that carry its products from China in order to unify the brand image presented to the consumer. To this end, the Yamato Group provides them with across-the-board support of things like the construction of an order booking system and shipping operations to all regions of the world. 
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  • Chapter-01. 
 Aiming for Strong Brand Image Creation
  • Chapter-02. 
Problems Involving the 4 Regions of the ASICS Brand
  • Chapter-03. 
The "Best Store Design" Verified by Model Stores
  • Chapter-04. 
Multiple Damage Incidents that occurred in Shipping of Fixtures & Furnishings
  • Chapter-05. 
The Myriad of Merits when Using Logistics Zones
  • Chapter-06. 
Truly Feeling Brand Image Permeation

Mr. Shiro Tamai (Picture Left)
Retail Marketing Team
Marketing Department
Marketing Division
ASICS Corporation

Ms. Yuuki Magoshi (Picture Right)
Retail Marketing Team
Marketing Department
Marketing Division
ASICS Corporation

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