At the Forefront of Logistics [Client Case Studies]
Behind the scenes of logistics reform with client companies who have solved their problems

Direct Distribution of Skin-Care Products to Clinics 
Outsourcing Everything from Logistics and Order Booking to Settlement and Credit Operations 
ROHTO Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

ROHTO Pharmaceutical, the largest manufacturer of mass-market eyedrops, began marketing of cosmetics directly to clinics (especially dermatological clinics) in 2005. ROHTO utilized its expertise in pharmaceutical products to develop its DRX® series of cosmetics with an emphasis on effectiveness and reliability. It provides the series to users via physicians. Since starting this business segment the company has consigned its distribution operations to the Yamato Group, with Yamato Logistics at the crux of the operation. Starting from October 2010, the company has consigned to Yamato Financial its settlement and credit operations for approximately 1300 (as of the end of 2010) medical care institutions handling its products nationwide. The goal of this was to set up a system that enabled sales representatives to focus on their core competencies of sales and marketing. 
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 A New Business Model not Targeting Drugstores
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 Starting Operations with a Focus on the Future
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Proactive Outsourcing of Operations that can be outsourced
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Until Now Sales Representatives doubled as Accountants and were in charge of Everything up through Collections
  • Chapter-05. 
Deciding on Outsourcing Settlements and Credit Operations after Considering the Future
  • Chapter-06. 
Expecting Operations to Expand by Allowing Sales Representatives to Specialize in Operating Activities

Mr. Masakatsu Wada
Medical Skincare Group
Business Development Department

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About the Yamato Group

The Yamato Group includes the following companies: Yamato Transport Co., Ltd., which has developed an express delivery network nationwide; Yamato System Development Co., Ltd., which develops and operates diverse IT solutions including data centers; Yamato Home Convenience Co., Ltd., which transports and sets up consumer electronics, household goods, and machinery that cannot be transported via express delivery; Yamato Logistics Co., Ltd., which specializes in domestic and overseas logistics outsourcing; Yamato Financial Co., Ltd., which provides settlement services; and others. These companies pool their talents, which encompass "information, logistics, and settlement", to provide optimal solutions from a comprehensive perspective to the problems of client companies.