Our "ten yen for every parcel we deliver" initiative program ended on March 31, 2012. 
The amount for helping rebuild the fishing and agriculture industries and infrastructure in areas 
affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake reached a total of approximately 14,200,000,000 yen. 
We extend our heartfelt thanks to each and every customer for their support in using TA-Q-BIN.(Click open in new window) Donation for the East Japan Earthquake Recovery Initiative:"Every package we deliver will also carry hope."
Discover Yamato Group business optimization solutions that can help streamline your operations and further develop your relationship with customers.

Haneda Logistics Terminal Named Haneda Chronogate! 
The Haneda Logistics Terminal, currently under construction as the new solutions & showcasing hub of the Yamato Group, was named Haneda Chronogate. (Learn More!)

At the Forefront of Logistics [Client Case Studies] Behind the scenes of logistics reform with client companies who have solved their problems (INDEX)

  • ROHTO Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Learn about order booking, distribution, settlement and credit operations systems for medical care institutions nationwide in Japan (Learn More!)

  • ASICS Corporation Standardized Brand Globally Using Retail Store Fixtures & Furnishings Learn about how the Yamato Group helped develop an order booking and distribution system for bulk sourcing in China of fixtures and furnishings used in stores throughout the world! (Learn More!)

  • Kokubu Grocers Chain Co., Ltd. (KGC) Online Wholesaling for Small-Sized Retailers Facing Procurement Difficulties to Help the "Shopping Disadvantaged" Discover how KGC is helping small-sized retailers in isolated areas with online wholesaling, enabling access to more than 8,500 items through day-after-next deliveries! (Learn More!)

  • All Nippon Airways Co., Ltd. 
 Balancing Risk Management with 60 Million Yen in Cost Reductions Realized Through "Interoffice Mail Revolution" 
Complete Revamping of Interoffice Mail Delivery System Including the Handling of Personal Information (Learn More!)

Yamato Group Solutions [Introducing Solutions] (INDEX)

  • Enhancing Mail Order Provider Profitability through Improved Consumer Convenience 
Mail Order Solutions (Learn More!)

    The fundamental mission of the Yamato Group's mail order solutions is to further enhance consumer convenience, which in turn contributes directly to the bottom line of our mail order clients. This section introduces our latest services for mail order clients including expedited deliveries and new payment methods.

    Learn More! Learn More!
  • Seamlessly Supporting the International Distribution Needs of Component Manufacturers  
Global Distribution Support Solution (Leran More!)

    Mid-sized Japanese component manufacturers with overseas operations face the challenge of needing to source materials from partners in Japan that are unable to expand internationally. Our aim is to support the global procurement of these firms in order to reduce lead time and cut costs.

    Leran More! Leran More!
  • Visualizing the Flow of Goods to Achieve Total Optimization 
"Mieruka" (Visualization) Solutions (Learn More!)

    Accurately grasping the flow of goods in all processes helps reduce inventory and enables just-in-time (JIT) production and delivery, which in turn significantly reduces the total cost of logistics.

    Learn More! Learn More!
  • Drastically Reducing Lead Times and Logistics Costs for Export and Import Businesses 
Global Direct Solutions (Learn More!)

    We dramatically reduce lead time by sorting products overseas prior to shipping. Because distribution centers are not needed, we can also reduce logistics costs.

    Learn More! Learn More!
  • Enabling Online Supermarkets to Set Up Operations Cheaply, Quickly and Widely 
Online Supermarket Solutions (Learn More!)

    Online supermarkets have been garnering attention due to the rapid increase of the "shopping disadvantaged." Regardless of the operational scale, we can help assist corporate customers to inexpensively and quickly open online supermarkets that feature a broad geographic coverage.

    Learn More! Learn More!
  • Expanding its TA-Q-BIN Network Throughout Asia to Support the Growth of Japanese Companies 
Asia TA-Q-BIN Network Solutions (Learn More!)

    Following its success in Shanghai and Singapore, the Yamato Group recently launched TA-Q-BIN delivery services locally in Hong Kong and plans to launch operations in Malaysia. In the future we will expand our geographic coverage to include China's coastal regions as well as other ASEAN countries, and will provide support for the expansion of Japanese companies in the region.

    Learn More! Learn More!

What's New (INDEX)

  • The Haneda Logistics Terminal Currently Under Construction!

    Leran More! Concentrating every Yamato Group function into Haneda. A new solutions & showcasing terminal is born. 
Haneda Chronogate Name Confirmed!
  • Providing a Multitude of Financial and Payment Solutions 
Yamato Financial Co., Ltd.

    Leran More! We have developed a proprietary system that can accept almost all types of e-money used in Japan. We also provide the Kuroneko Anshin Kessai Service in which the Yamato Group directly collects and guarantees the payment of B-to-B accounts receivable.
  • Providing Various Cloud-Based ICT Solutions 
Yamato System Development Co., Ltd.

    Leran More! The Yamato Group provides various ICT services to streamline client business processes. Recently, efforts have focused on the development of cloud-based services that do not require upfront investments.
  • Around-the-clock Truck and Bus Inspections and Servicing, 365 Days a Year 
Yamato Auto Works Co., Ltd.

    Leran More! We provide around-the-clock, 365 day a year inspections and servicing for the vehicles of the companies with membership agreements. A vehicle can be received after the end of a regular workday and used the following morning.

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About the Yamato Group

The Yamato Group includes the following companies: Yamato Transport Co., Ltd., which has developed an express delivery network nationwide; Yamato System Development Co., Ltd., which develops and operates diverse IT solutions including data centers; Yamato Home Convenience Co., Ltd., which transports and sets up consumer electronics, household goods, and machinery that cannot be transported via express delivery; Yamato Logistics Co., Ltd., which specializes in domestic and overseas logistics outsourcing; Yamato Financial Co., Ltd., which provides settlement services; and others. These companies pool their talents, which encompass "information, logistics, and settlement", to provide optimal solutions from a comprehensive perspective to the problems of client companies.